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1066 Country England.

Hastings, Battle, Rye, East Sussex.

DSCN0443.JPGlarge_DSCN0448.JPGlarge_DSCN0452.JPG Hastings by the sea.!f430fa40-553c-11e9-8ebd-1f6b7fc244f2.JPG English High Speed Train.DSCN0442.JPGRye Castlefed60980-548e-11e9-890b-6b97838833a6.JPGYpres Tower Rye.DSCN0438.JPGDSCN0438.JPGLamb House RyeDSCN0433.JPGRye Mermaid StreetDSCN0435.JPG2 front doorsDSCN0430.JPG Rye.DSCN0459.JPGBattle churchaec1a2a0-5485-11e9-a58e-e5da86217f85.JPGSmall Tapistery in Battle Churcha0356c30-5485-11e9-a58e-e5da86217f85.JPGimg=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/DSCN0459.JPG] Battle ChurchDSCN0456.JPGDSCN0458.JPGAlmonry and museum BattleDSCN0457.JPG4300d340-5482-11e9-a58e-e5da86217f85.JPG Battle Abbey.DSCN0464.JPG Hastings Arms Pub George StreetDSCN0463.JPG Metal sculpture in pub.DSCN0445.JPGDSCN0446.JPGDSCN0421.JPGDSCN0418.JPGDSCN0417.JPGDSCN0414.JPGHotel in HastingsDSCN0411.JPG Hastings Rail StationDSCN0454.JPGBattle Abbey.------------In the days when i was in school,i remember the history of the Battle of Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire in Sept 1066. The English army under King Harold against the invading Vikings. King Harold won and proceeded to Hastings on the south coast. Here the more famous battle took place in a village now called Battle. The story goes that King Harold was killed with an arrow in his eye. --- I live 8 miles from Stamford Bridge ,and have been there many times,so decided it was time i visited the 1066 Country in East Sussex-----------Taking the train from York to Kings Cross London,then St. Pancras International to Ashford International by High Speed train . At Ash ford changed for train to Hastings. Here i stayed 3 nights at a hotel on seafront looking out on the English Channel. This was in March 2019, the weather was mild with only a couple of rain showers.---------I liked Hastings, took a ride on each of the funicular railways at West Cliff and East Cliff, lovely views. West Cliff goes to Hastings Castle and East Cliff t Hastings Country Park. The gradient of East Lift is 78%.---Hastings Arms pub is from the 18th century is a smugglers haunt with metal sculptures by local man, on the walls. The pub is in George Street..--------------------------------------------------------------------------BATTLE EAST SUSSEX is a small town 55 miles from London. In the famous battle of 1066 ,William Duke of Normandy defeated King Harold, to become King William 1 . Battle Abbey was founded to commemorate the battle was dedicated in 1095.----St Mary the Virgin is the Parish Church, has a small tapistery of the battle. I had a lovely scone and pot of tea in a tea room in main street. The bus is hourly from Hastings.--------------------RYE East Sussex is a small ancient town in England. The town is compact, and using the free town map from the internet walked in a anti clockwise route around Rye. Mermaid Street is a lovely cobbled street,in this street is the house with two front doors,.-- The Lamb House is a Georgian House with literary associations. Rye Castle known as Ypres Tower now a museum. There is a regular bus service from Hastings, also a train service.

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